Madonna had an affair with a young new lover

Мадонна закрутила роман с новым молодым любовником
For the sake of her boyfriend, the singer is ready to move to Europe.


Madonna twisted new novel! This time the singer, who has repeatedly wound up the affair with men who were younger than her, almost in 2 times (like Timor or Steffens Jesus Luz), stopped his
choice 31-year-old Portuguese coach Kevin Sampaio, making a career in modeling
business. This information appeared on the website of the online edition

according to the publication, Madonna met a year ago when he took
part in the filming of her music video “Bitch, I am Madonna”. But
while the singer was keen on another young handsome black Abubakr
Soumahoro born in the African nation of côte d’ivoire. (And, aboubakar, among others, have been for 4 years
younger than the current boyfriend of Madonna). Now, when the singer “gave down”
Soumahoro, she moved on to Kevin…

For the first time, according to the informant,
Madonna and the young Portuguese were seen together a couple of months ago. They
then dined in one of new York’s restaurants. Reportedly, over the last
– singer and Kevin has seen rapid progress. They like
according to the publication, have become so close that I am about to live
together. And since Sampaio significant part of his time in Lisbon, Madonna
seriously considering the prospect of moving to Portugal. However, as far as
serious intentions of the singer, time will tell.