Мадонна контролирует строительство медицинского центра в Малави

Relax and recharge after a hard Rebel Heart tour in support of the eponymous new album, Madonna decided not in expensive resorts and Paradise-like places on earth, and in Malawi, where along with his four children went on a charity mission.

There’s the Queen of the pop scene called for a charitable Foundation Raising Malawi, which was opened in her great support in 2006, and also looked at how the construction of the pediatric surgery center, which is due to start in 2017.

“The opening of the center for children’s surgery and intensive care unit will play a huge role in the lives of Malawi, where there will be many more opportunities to save children’s lives. To the effectiveness of these institutions was the maximum, we also prepare specially trained medical staff. I will personally supervise the delivery of all necessary equipment and the training center functioning on a permanent basis. So ahead I have a lot of work!” — reads the statement of the Madonna.

It is known that the new center will be the pediatric intensive care unit, a day hospital with 50 seats, and three operating rooms.

Note, incidentally, that on a trip to Malawi, Madonna was accompanied by her 15 –year-old son Rocco, with whom for six months she can’t establish a normal stable relationship.

Recently, she again had a fight with a teenager. The reason was the passion of fifteen-year-old guy drinking that his mother was considered too early experience for my son.

“Seeing a photo of Rocco drinks alcohol in London, Madonna was furious. Almost a week he had not released the bottle from his hands, and she’s afraid that she’ll have to cure him of alcoholism,” — said a source close to the actress.

Madonna called her ex-husband guy Ritchie and gave him a severe reprimand for what he is not looking for offspring. She gave him to understand that he is not going to let my son’s life to chance and to trust his father who is too busy with work and other family.

The hero of the scandal, He went, but he didn’t even listen to the mother after a brief skirmish just hung up. It is not excluded that the singer will go back to court to get sole custody of the teenager and take him to America, if the ex-spouse will not be more attentive to my son. “She had had evidence of connivance guy, and she got them”, — concluded the informant.

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