Мадонна вышла в свет с молодым любовником
The singer stopped to hide from the public 26-year-old boyfriend.



The other day
trendy new York restaurant Megu’s John Bakshi’
was intrigued by the emergence of the institution of the Madonna, accompanied by black
young man. Couple, dine seafood, behaved not friends.
Madonna and her boyfriend didn’t even try to hide the fact that they share close
relationship. Reporters later identified the companion of the singer. It turned out to Abubakar
Soumahoro, with whom Madonna was seen several times in the last year.

Then about Abubakar
managed to learn that he’s younger than Madonna by as much as 32 years. He was born in the African
the state of côte d’ivoire (which is translated as Ivory Coast). First,
as he came to the United States, Abubakar worked as a salesman in a supermarket Harrods, and then he managed to start a career in
modeling business. With Madonna he met at a party of mutual friends.

Although initially Madonna
did not think to hide his affair with Abubakar, changed circumstances forced her to “classify” your relationship with
Soumahoro. She allowed herself for many
months only once to take a picture of yourself with a young boyfriend when
went with him in January this year skiing in Switzerland. The reason for such secrecy
unusual for Madonna, became, apparently two lawsuits in which she
feared embarrassment. First, the singer was fighting in court for custody of
his senior son Rocco. And having lost, started the adoption two cute
Malawian twin girls four years Esther and Stella. And Madonna, apparently, afraid to advertise their
relationship with another young lover, fearing that it may affect
adversely on the decision of the Malawian officials to allow her to become
foster mom girls. But now that all the formalities behind, and the twins
settled in her new York apartment, she may not be afraid to do more damage to their reputation.