Madonna arrived in London, to bring his son back to school

Мадонна прибыла в Лондон, чтобы вернуть сына в школу

An unexpected catch today, waiting for British paparazzi in London’s Heathrow airport. Morning from new York arrived American singer Madonna, which was easy to learn even for large sunglasses. This is her first visit to Britain since, as a fifteen-year-old son Rocco got away from her in London to the father , guy Ritchie.

As it became known to journalists, the artist arrived to bring order to study the teenager who left home and school in America, gave up science at the new place. Madonna, who believes a good education is the key to a successful life, fundamentally disagree with the methods of raising a guy who allows his son freedom.
The singer has already played 82 concerts in the frameworks of her tour Rabel Heart, where Rocco first helped her (to December last year, when stating that he is tired of this life, not her dad). During this time Madonna has delighted millions of fans and has earned $ 120 million.
It is obvious that this is the case when the singer and her ex-husband will have to still agree on shared custody and dripped the hatchet for the sake of his son. Previously, Madonna has already stated that he plans to sit down with his son and ex-husband at the same table and agree on a peaceful coexistence. Otherwise, if this is not possible, a residence Rocco will determine the U.S. Supreme court. Now the important thing for artist is to return the son to learn. She’s already promised to drive my son’s arm at school himself, if he does not take the head.

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