Мадонну и ее сына помирило «новогоднее волшебство»
The pop diva helped her old friend.



Madonna triumphs: she finally managed
to make peace with her eldest son Rocco! The pop diva has placed in his microblog
a series of photos to illustrate the Christmas holidays, where it
captured along with all their children — how the family and the foster.

His main achievement this year Madonna
considers not successfully past concerts, as you might think, and
the restoration of relations with her eldest son Rocco. This reconciliation was given to her
very easy: she worked on the restoration of relations with the boys all year. And
now her family has finally reunited — they’re five happy
skiing in the Swiss Alps. Madonna managed to put on a mountain
skis not only to the senior — 20-year-old Lourdes and 16-year-old Rocco, but even his two
adopted 11-year-old David and 10-year-old mercy, who were born in the distant
the African country Malawi. And under the photo of your little team smiling
skiers she signed: “Friendly family”.

Although Madonna since the autumn of this year have made
regular visits to London, where Rocco, which last year had a fight
with her mother and ran away from her father is Director guy Ritchie, where he lives since
she failed to normalize relations with the eldest son. Still quite
recently saw in the network another provocative photo of Madonna, Rocco wrote,
hiding his ridicule: “I’m happy I no longer live with her!” And now he
again communicate normally with her mother. And the world between the singer and her son helped shortly before the New Year to recover
her old friend, whom she jokingly calls “a magician” — a famous magician and illusionist David blaine. The fact that
during his summer holidays, He had the opportunity to work with Blaine and
the boy had imbued him with deep respect. So Madonna asked David
help her to make peace with the son, and the illusionist succeeded in its peacekeeping