Мадонно и Гай Ричи пытаются приструнить сына трудотерапией

Madonna and guy Ritchie recently communicate more often than usual. The topic of conversation for the ex-spouse is their son , who being a teenager can not cope with myself and every now and then provokes parents to the conflict.

To quarrel my mom and father Rocco Ritchie made because of the question about where he wants to live. Boy wanted to escape his mother’s total control. The Pope has promoted Rocco, but seem to have played a cruel service. In London, Richie Jr. felt freedom and was recently caught with drugs.

Madonna and guy equally worry about my son because they decided to join forces and together take on his upbringing. Education of occupational therapy.

Rocco’s parents with a fait accompli – it will work.

Now 16-year-old son of the Queen of the pop scene and the famous Director will be ordinary courier company Deliveroo, selling different kinds of food with home delivery. According to the informant, the newspaper, the parents demanded that Rocco took any low-paying job just so he “hung out after school doing nothing”.

I wonder whether cope with their responsibilities this rebel?