Сумасшествие, аборт и смерть мужа: проклятие Татьяны Конюховой Tatyana Georgievna was married three times, but the first two marriages did not work, and the third husband died of cancer. Her acting career also suffered setbacks once she chose Nina Veselovsky what Tatyana Konyukhova almost went crazy.
Сумасшествие, аборт и смерть мужа: проклятие Татьяны Конюховой

Tatyana Konyukhova was considered one of the brightest Actresses of the Soviet cinema — her appearance was the envy of millions of women in the USSR and in heroines, which she was playing, fell in love with almost all men of the Union. However, despite the success, the personal life of film stars were formed not so successfully.

First husband of Tatiana Georgievna became a student of film history faculty of VGIK Valery Karen. As admitted star, between them there was passion and love that she needed, so 10 days later after marriage, she, without regret, has filed for divorce. “The passion I lacked. I wanted them to be like Romeo and Juliet,” admitted Konyukhov.

The second time the actress got married to sound engineer Boris Wangerooge. But many believed that it was a fatal mistake.

“Around me began to nag, said: “what are You, Tanya?! You can’t find a real man.” And vengerovskiy was a master of his craft, or so I thought. But he was lazy, the whole family dragged me. All done, have furnished the flat, bought things. I was earn. He didn’t want children, Yes, and where babe? Then we were all very strict. I worked two or three paintings simultaneously, as the workhorse — from 6 am to 12 midnight. On one picture I even felt bad”, — said Tatiana G. in the “Destiny of man”.
Сумасшествие, аборт и смерть мужа: проклятие Татьяны Конюховой

It turned out that the actress was pregnant. However, experts came to the horror of her condition, so exhaustion she felt. Meanwhile, even the future doesn’t have to be forced spouse Konyukhova begin to provide for his family. Then Tatyana Georgievna has decided to have an abortion.

“He wasn’t against, but I don’t think about their health and future. He knew I got rid of the baby. Forces I have not witnessed any, even to family relationships. All I have inside out, how I survived God only knows”, — said Tatiana.

Barely having time to recover from the loss of a baby, the actress was the victim of cinematic intrigue. So, directed by George Roshal promised her a lead role in the film “the ordeal”. Konyukhov has refused other offers and six months waiting for the promised invitation, but the role gave Nina Veselovskaya.

“I kept my word, he was not stripped of the role, he began to take another actress. Yeah, I almost went crazy, I had some teak. I stopped to eat, even to swallow but could not. Lay in bed and wept for this betrayal,” admitted Tatiana.

As admitted, Konyukhova she wanted no more of the family and relations. But fate presented the movie star another chance to find happiness — Tatyana Georgievna met the famous Soviet athletes Vladimir Kuznetsov. Champion in the javelin struck the actress at first sight, she suddenly threw hateful husband, and went to the athlete.

Only 27 years old actress first became a mother, giving wife a long-awaited son, Sergei. Family destroyed sorrow — when Vladimir was 55 years old, doctors diagnosed him with cancer, which, according to Tatiana Georgievna, he didn’t even try to treat.

“For 27 years we were soul to soul. He passed the blockade, the sport also takes up most of my health, and he never followed up on health. Remember, I came from touring, so I didn’t want to leave, but he insisted. He had already suffered from terrible pain. In the month of August he was gone. I am grateful to him for everything,” shared the actress.