МакSим поделилась редким семейным снимком In childhood, the singer was a charming girl. Mack showed how she looked when she was a baby. The picture of the actress published due to the fact that fans seemed to feel she will become a mother soon.

      МакSим поделилась редким семейным снимком

      Mack rarely shares with fans archival photographs. But on her birthday she decided to make an exception. And, get this, we can say, forced. The fact that during the celebration, the singer made a toast, which sounded in two ways. “With the completion!” she said. Most of the guests at the ceremony felt that the star announced in such a way that soon will become a mother for the third time. Later it came to the rumors.

      Of course, Mack was quick to dispel speculation about his possible pregnancy and justified in the “Twitter” for careless words. “Someone did not understand my toast, dedicated to parents “With the completion of”… well It’s my birthday,” she wrote. Along with the post, the singer has released a touching family photo with my parents. The picture of her holding a dad. It is impossible not to notice that Maksim was in the childhood of the charming girl, exactly like her daughter now.

      “I am too, its always so congratulations”, “Cool! I do not understand the toast, and I thought that the family of the third child is born”, “I also think, all wrong,” laughed the followers of the singer.

      By the way, on his birthday Maksim looked charming. She worked on his body to fly to look perfect. And in the end the work has paid off. The harmony and beauty of the stars said, without exception, all the guests of the evening.

      Interestingly, when the artist had first and second daughters, she gained a few pounds, but after giving birth, the star was able to get back into great shape. According to some, Mack now weighs less than 50 kilograms and the height 160 centimeters.

      Singer Maksim told about a new relationship

      Recall, Mack came on the scene a month later after a birth of the second child. The singer shared that she lost weight due to constant physical exertion. She ran a lot in the Park, swam in the pool and worked in the gym to regain a slender figure.

      In addition to all, Maksim was an extra incentive. She had to appear in the video, in which she played the role of a ballerina. To get used to the way the singer began to work at the Barre. In recognition of the Mack, training was given to her with difficulty, she was cruel and demanding coaches. Eventually, however, Marina managed to not only learn dance steps, but also to become the owner of a figure of this ballet dancer.

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