Mack boasted inflated pressure

МакSим похвасталась накачанным прессом The singer has carried out the desire to lose weight. Mack planned to attain the desired shape before heat. She fulfilled a promise to yourself and posted a photo of the result.

      МакSим похвасталась накачанным прессом

      Singer Maksim has never had a problem with my weight. Despite this, the singer still found fault with his slim figure. The star had a strong desire to achieve excellent results by the summer. When the artist had first and second daughters, she gained a few pounds, but after giving birth, the star was able to get back into great shape. According to some, Mack now weighs less than 50 kilograms and the height 160 centimeters.

      Today the singer has published on his page in Instagram the result of their efforts. In the selfie, the star poses in a sports uniform that bares her sports press. It should be noted that the figure of the actress slender and athletic. “As well, not all there sometimes” – jokingly signed photo of the celebrity. “Our skinny”, “Which candy bar Marina”, “Wow, what slim,” commented the followers.

      Earlier Maksim answered with compliments that she is little that she has. The singer continued to exhaust itself with trainings in the gym to achieve the perfect, in her opinion, weight. Many subscribers will the stars followed her example and began preparing for the hot season, as they also wanted to look perfect in the outdoor clothing. As a motivation for them Maksim wrote in his microblog: “When tomorrow day “X”, and you’re not XXS, but, damn, XXL”. The publication, the singer has supplied the video, which sports a sweat.

      By the way, many followers of the stars are not seriously disturbed by Maksim desire to lose weight when it is so small the weight. They don’t miss the opportunity to convince his darling that she is very fragile and looks elegant. According to fans of the star, if she continues to drop pounds, then nothing good is not over. In this case, the artist would look extremely unhealthy.

      We recall that a year ago, the singer really scared of fans a photograph with a scale, which showed a figure 45. So many pounds – an obvious shortage of weight even for petite girls. Singer Maksim has signed a snapshot: “a Little weight is on the scales when to lit the toe, it is necessary for them to jump”. Fans of the actress expressed their concern, does not have stars anorexia.

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