Macaulay Culkin will no longer be acting in movies

Маколей Калкин больше не будет сниматься в кино

Glory descended on Macaulay Kalkin in childhood, but her back still does not allow the guy to live peacefully.

Many still see a 35-year-old the Culkin Kevin McCallister from Comedy Chris Columbus “home Alone”, which, of course, can not put pressure on Macaulay.

For many years, the actor starred in the movie, it is virtually never seen at any star party.

Recently journalists Culkin admitted that he had quit acting and will be looking for the emergence of his talent in something else, for example, writing or drawing.

“I’ll go where I’ll take the wind” – poetically said Macaulay.

Despite the fact that Culkin is very rarely appears on the screen, it still recognize passers-by, and this guy does not really like “I walk at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m., because at this time on the streets almost no people, and I can walk quietly and to remain undetected”,

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