Macaulay Culkin spotted in strange form

Маколей Калкин замечен в странном виде

With red nails and a cigarette in his mouth was seen this weekend Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin. Eyes the star of the movie “home Alone” hid behind sunglasses, and her hair tied in a bun. A strange kind of celebrity explained the insider.

As it turned out, Culkin decided to recover from methadone addiction at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, located in new York. This, incidentally, is not the first attempt of the IMF to do it, but this time he set to work without much enthusiasm.
“As far as I know, he never adopted the program of recovery seriously. It involves a long period of abstinence, and Macaulay decided to change it a bit and from time to time continues to take methadone, supporting my addiction” — said the insider.
Friends of the actor worried that he would bring himself to a state of extreme neglect, as it was then, in 2011, when scattered after career and relationship With Mila kunis Macaulay densely sat on heroin.
“He then had a view of the homeless..were Terrible times,” the source said and added that Culkin looks much better. We will remind that the representative of Makoua previously denied that the actor is using drugs.

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