Маколей Калкин посмеялся над перезапуском "Один дома"

38-year-old American actor Macaulay Culkin, best known for the role of Kevin in the legendary film “home Alone”, ridiculed the idea of a Disney remake of the film.

Маколей Калкин посмеялся над перезапуском "Один дома"

Many of us still believe in tradition the Christmas eve or New years to watch the whole family home Alone. A funny boy Kevin, who deftly avoids the straightforward robbers, was loved by the audience for a long time.

Recently, the Disney Corporation has announced its intention to re-enact “home Alone”. There is no accurate information, they can expect a feature film or TV series. One thing is clear – the idea is the same but the actors different. The probability that the events of the film will take place in the modern world to attract the attention of the younger generation.

Not left unnoticed by the news and the star-home-Alone — grown-up lead actor Macaulay Culkin. Actor include imagination and imagine how should look like Kevin McCallister after 29 years (Yes, Yes, so many have passed!). The “creation” of his imagination, the actor has published in Instagram.

So, according to Calkin, the remake of the movie the main character should look like the average man over forty. To recreate this image, the actor has collected all main “attributes”: beer belly, wife-beater, family trunks, a sofa and a laptop. In the picture we see Macaulay, casually sitting on the couch with a plate of pasta and a laptop on the knees, and from under the shirt it sticks out noticeably rounded belly.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like.

Does, polirani Macaulay ‘Instagram’ Culkin (@culkamania) 7 Ser 2019 R. 2:32 PDT

— Here’s how it really looks home-Alone-now — signed photo of Macaulay Culkin.

Now compare how this scene looked 29 years ago:

The immediately began to comment on not only the fans of the actor, but also famous personalities and even the official page of adult site.

I still watch the remake, noted Hollywood celebrity Sarah Michelle Geller, known for his role in the film “Buffy the vampire Slayer”.

Without cheese pizza? – commented entry Kalkin leaders Pornhub.

It is worth noting that in 2015, Macaulay Culkin already filmed a parody of “home Alone”, only in it he presented grown-up Kevin, who says that he is still having nightmares about how his house and forget he is fighting with the thieves. Then this short video will spread among the Network users at the speed of light. Who knows, maybe he was the inspiration for Disney to re-shoot the film?

Add in the plans the Corporation to produce several remakes of iconic family films of the past. So, under the scope of the Directors were “Night at the Museum”, “cheaper by the dozen” and “diary of a weakling”.

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