Маколей Калкин возвращается!
35-year-old actor has decided that it is too early to become a “pensioner”.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin was a pleasant surprise
his fans, again appeared on the screens. But recently the actor
stated that he is leaving the movie! Apparently, Calcio became
boring and he changed his mind. Besides, he did offer that he just
could not refuse. The fact that, as explained Macaulay, his “partners” in
the filming of the new commercial was meant to be — two totally irresistible
the meerkat! Moreover, as it turned out, the creators have endowed animals
unusual for US — Sergey and Alexander. It is a pity, “pussies” was
drawn, so to scratch them behind the ear there was no way…

As with a sense of humor
Macaulay’s all right, he didn’t mind at all to him, according to
the scenario was treated like a baby. After all, according to the creators of the video, it
heroes — meerkats desperately wanted to make it a family road trip
of the country, but they lacked a child. And who on earth is the
the famous kid in America? Of course, the hero of the famous Culkin Comedy “One
home”! However, furry travelers, “forgotten”, which Macaulay long ago grew…

However, how many times
admitted 35-year-old Culkin, he still feels in the soul of the child. Therefore, knowing
that it will be fed ice cream, popcorn and roll the “roller coaster”,
he was genuinely happy. “And why not? I like to fool around, this allows
I feel happy. No matter whether we are talking about the movie or our
parody musical group!” — commented the actor. No wonder he, to
how to accept the offer to star in advertising, Macaulay was an enthusiastic participant
in the group “Underground pizza”, every one of the songs which are sung in
popular ringtones about favorite food of the Italians.

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