Людмила Сенчина рассказала, что второй муж бил ее
Singer Ludmila Senchina visited in the transmission of the First channel “Tonight.”

Людмила Сенчина рассказала, что второй муж бил ее

Now people’s artist married for the third time for Vladimir Andreev. Couple lasts for 21 years.

Second husband of the singer was a popular singer Stas Namin. Lyudmila remembered that she was hard to live with Stas.

It happened that the husband was violent towards her.

“I hate the phrase that you need to remember only the good. Why is that? I want to remember something, and then – told Senchina. – The nature of Stas is creepy. It happened that I received from him on the face. Yes! Could raise a hand on me, the table could turn. This person is temperamental! I knew that my life I will not, I will die. And I decided to leave it all far, far away”.

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