Lyudmila Senchina reproaches himself for terrible sin

Людмила Сенчина корит себя за страшный грех The actress believes that needlessly divorced the first husband, the musician Vyacheslav Timoshin. Years later, after parting ways with the lead singer of the Leningrad operetta Lyudmila Senchina continues to remember the parting with her husband.

      Людмила Сенчина корит себя за страшный грех

      66-the summer national actress of Russia Lyudmila Senchina was the guest of the program of the First channel “Alone with all”. Celebrity gave a Frank interview Yulia a leading Menshovoj. During the conversation with the TV star Lyudmila Petrovna has told that still can not afford forgive.

      According to Lyudmila senchinoj, she regrets the fact that he decided to part with the soloist of the Leningrad operetta Vyacheslav Timoshin. In this marriage the actress had a son, Vyacheslav. A happy event in a couple’s life happened in 1973.

      “I think that in vain had divorced her first husband. I have a few sins, which I will never forgive myself… One of them is that I divorced my first husband. No good deed goes unpunished,” – said the actress.
      Людмила Сенчина корит себя за страшный грех

      The star also added that in some cases you can forgive the infidelity of a spouse. “Moreover, I want to walk, walk. It has nothing to do with a loved one. Sometimes men do not understand. They are also polygamous people, and I’m not making excuses for them. Even Shakespeare wrote: “Could the betrayal of love is immeasurable to end?” – shared celebrity.

      At the moment the son of Ludmilla senchinoj Vyacheslav lives in the United States. The heir to the artist moved to another country when he was 19 years old. In an interview, the star said Vyacheslav engaged in insurance and stands firmly on his feet. The lab maintains contact with a relative on the phone. “Sometimes at night I Wake up in the head, “Well he’s in there alone in America.” Think: “Well, I was not let go,” shared the celebrity. However, the woman does not condemn a loved man because of his choice. For her, the main thing, to make him feel happy.

      Recall also that the second spouse of the celebrity is a musician Stas Namin. The marriage lasted seven years. In the program “Tonight” Lyudmila Senchina openly told about life together with a man. According to the woman, she’s grateful wife for many things, but there was something, something the actress has never accepted. “The nature of Stas is creepy. It happened that I received from him on the face. Yes! Could raise a hand on me, the table could turn. This person is temperamental!” – shared star.

      Lyudmila Senchina remembered how she received from her husband “by the face”

      The third husband of Ludmila Senchina became the producer Vladimir Andreev. The couples marriage lasted for more than twenty years.