Lyudmila Senchina remembered how she received from her husband “by the face”

Людмила Сенчина вспомнила, как получала от мужа «по фейсу» The singer spoke about the beating of the spouse. Lyudmila Senchina has admitted that her marriage collapsed due to the excessively temperamental nature of the elect. “I realized that the life I have is not that I die,” – said the artist.

      Людмила Сенчина вспомнила, как получала от мужа «по фейсу»

      People’s artist of Russia, singer Lyudmila Senchina has become the hero of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov. Guests gathered in the Studio, reminiscing about the brightest moments of creative and personal biography of the well-known performer. Lyudmila Senchina – open person and easily reveal the details of his family life.

      Now she lives in a third marriage with Vladimir Andreyev, who for many years worked as the Director of stars. Family experience couples for a quarter century. Before I met current spouse Lyudmila Senchina for ten years was married to a famous musician, composer and producer, leader of the group “Flowers” Stas Nominum. The two artists met in the year of the Moscow Olympics on creative evening of the composer Alexandra Pakhmutova.

      “Stas is a wonderful person, very interesting – began to tell about the former husband of Lyudmila Petrovna. So to speak, as with him, I never could with anyone. We talked all night. With him I learned different music, different literature. It was something unusual, really…”

      Людмила Сенчина вспомнила, как получала от мужа «по фейсу»

      But speaking of which, Lyudmila Senchina suddenly paused, as if reflecting whether she should reveal my personal secret. And suddenly continued to be Frank.

      “I hate the phrase that you need to remember only the good. Why is that? I want to remember something, and then – open up the artist. – The nature of Stas is creepy. It happened that I received from him on the face. Yes! Could raise a hand on me, the table could turn. This person is temperamental! I knew that my life I will not, I will die. And I decided to leave it all far, far away”.

      In addition, Lyudmila Senchina admitted that during the marriage she lacked comfort, all the time it seemed that someone encroaches on her personal space. The singer also added that it seemed to her that she isn’t cut out for family life.

      Meanwhile, despite all the unpleasant moments accompanying her marriage with Stas Nominum, Lyudmila Senchina admits that has to this man warm, but now friendship. And if the former spouses intersect somewhere, they are always welcome and interested in the Affairs each other.