Lyudmila Porgina worried about Nikolai Karachentsov

Людмила Поргина переживает за Николая Караченцова
At the end of February with the famous actor Nikolay Karachentsovu has been in trouble, he had an accident.

Людмила Поргина переживает за Николая Караченцова

The car, which in addition to the actor was his wife Lyudmila Porgina, a relative and a nurse, overturned after colliding with a cargo “Gazelle”.

After two months, the correspondents decided to find out the wife Karachentsova about his condition.

It turned out that the star found serious health problems.

“Nikolai Petrovich conducted a survey, did a CT scan and found a shadow on my lung. Can’t even imagine what we have experienced over the last month. Horror, hope… First tests in Moscow, then went to Germany to be examined. Fortunately no cancer cells were found, no tumor was found. When I got a call from a German hospital and said that Kolya is all right, I cried of happiness,” – said Lyudmila Porgina.

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