Lyudmila Porgina saves of Nikolay Karachentsov

Людмила Поргина спасает Николая Караченцова Celebrity couple experienced another shock caused by the condition of the famous artist. Not so long ago, Nikolay Karachentsov went to Germany for examination. Medical professionals diagnosed the actor’s shadow on my lung.

      Людмила Поргина спасает Николая Караченцова

      At the end of February Nikolay Karachentsov has got to car accident. The car in which the actor was with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos, a relative of Elsa Ivlieva and nurse Nadezhda Sergeeva, collided with a cargo “Gazelle” and turned over.

      Porgina have deprived of a driving licence after an accident with Karachentsovu

      Since the accident it took about two months. Recently, reporters contacted his wife Karachentsova to figure out the details of his condition. How did you learn to correspondents, celebrities have other health problems, more serious. Lyudmila Andreevna sincerely concerned for the wife.

      “Nikolai Petrovich conducted a survey, did a CT scan and found a shadow on my lung. Can’t even imagine what we have experienced over the last month. Horror, hope… First tests in Moscow, then went to Germany to be examined. Fortunately no cancer cells were found, no tumor was found. When I got a call from a German hospital and said that Kolya is all right, I cried of happiness,” – said the honored artist of the Russian Federation.

      According to the woman, Karachentsov was diagnosed with prolonged inflammatory process. Previously, the star of cinema and theatre had a cold and didn’t get better until the end. At the moment, the celebrity takes antibiotics to get better.

      Nikolay Petrovich told Lyudmila Andreevna, too worried about health problems. The actor recently discharged from the medical institution after a serious accident, so he did not want again to go to the hospital.

      The stars were able to overcome difficulties through mutual help and love. “We have each other support, and promised to pass this test together… If it happened to me something similar, I’m sure nick would be there, would fight for me like I fight for him,” shared the woman.

      During the meeting with correspondents Lyudmila Porgina also told that the car in which they drove on the day of the accident, can not be restored. The couple sadly accepted this fact, because they thought this car is extremely comfortable and well equipped. “I loved her very much, nick adored, admired her. But most importantly, we survived. After the accident, neither one of us had no wounds, no injuries. Isn’t that happiness?!” – added Polina in an interview with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.