Lyudmila Porgina deprived of driving license

Людмилу Поргину лишили водительских прав

A few hours ago ended in the court in the case of an accident that occurred on February 27 this year, a party of which was the wife of the famous artist Nikolay Karachentseva Lyudmila Porgina. As it turned out, Ludmila blood alcohol was detected. On the basis of this was made the administrative Protocol under part 1 article 12.8 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation “driving a vehicle while intoxicated, not resulting in a criminal act, which provides for the suspension of driving privileges for up to two years.

The judge ordered Porgina to pay an administrative penalty in the amount of 30 thousand rubles and deprived of driving license for a period of 18 months. Ludmila with this decision, the court disagreed, and until recently denied that on the day of the accident was in an alcohol intoxication.
“On the eve of the last day of carnival drank a glass of gin with her friend Elsa. Of course tonic. Then a little more champagne in the morning I tried it out. Sweet. Don’t like that. And then the whole day not drinking. In the evening we go to the movies, well, then you know” — explained Porgina detected in the blood ppm.
Recall that in the accident suffered most of all Lyudmila’s husband Nikolay Karachentsov. The man was hospitalized with a concussion. Injuries also were in salon of a foreign car a relative of the actor and his nurse.