Людмила Поргина прояснила слухи о тайной любовнице Николая Караченцова Recently ballerina Elena Dmitriev has unveiled his novel with a star of theatre and cinema. According to the actress, she met Nikolay Karachentsovu over 20 years. Wife stars Lyudmila Porgina spoke about his possible links with the Present.
Людмила Поргина прояснила слухи о тайной любовнице Николая Караченцова

Former Kirov theatre ballerina Elena Dmitrieva gave an interview in which he told about his affair with Nikolay Karachentsovu. According to the artist, their passion lasted for 23 years – almost to the fatal accident in February 2005 . At the time, the man even had Dmitriyeva offered to marry, but the pair plans never materialized.

According to the artist, she knew Karachentsov is married to Lyudmyla Parginos. Dmitrieva was afraid the actress, so I try to avoid it. For the first time Elena met a famous actor, when she was 18 years old. Then Nikolai Petrovich was on tour in St. Petersburg. Familiarity ballerina and Karachentsov was held at the party. Soon between them spun a novel.

“What he told his wife, as he explained his absence, did not ask. Well, who at eighteen thinks about such things? I knew he was married (by the way, was wearing a wedding ring do not remove), knew that their son was at that time was five years. But it is to me, I had nothing…” – says Elena.
Людмила Поргина прояснила слухи о тайной любовнице Николая Караченцова

According to Dmitriev, they Karachentsovu tried not to advertise their relationship. After the actor went to Moscow, Elena continued to communicate with him. The ballerina said that I had phoned Karachentsovu. “That’s what youth! Without any hesitation dialed the home number and if answered, a female voice said, “Hello, may I speak to Nicholas Petrovich.” Maybe it was the wife. She immediately called him on the phone,” she says.

According to Elena, she never felt the age difference with the chosen one.”Of course, Karachentsov tried very hard to stay dashing, pranced in front of me. He liked to emphasize her figure,” – says the artist. The ballerina’s mother knew about her enthusiasm, but tried not to interfere. For mother Dmitrieva much more important was the career of his daughter.

Shortly before the fatal accident Karachentsov insisted that he needed to have a serious talk with the artist. Dmitrieva has repeatedly invited the actor to end the marriage, but he did not dare to put the point in relations with Lyudmyla Parginos. Elena says that he would like to take care of the actor.

“If you all would quit and began to look after him. I really want to see him. I had a dream to come home to him with a common friend, actor, in the guise of his girlfriend. To seize the moment, to take nick by the hand and say, “here I am. I love you. And never forget”. And suddenly these words can revive him? Maybe it’ll help to remember what it was?” said alleged lover Karachentsov.
Людмила Поргина прояснила слухи о тайной любовнице Николая Караченцова

Journalists contacted Lyudmyla Parginos to comment on an interview with Elena Dmitrieva. Wife Karachentsov admitted that did not read this publication, and are not familiar with the ballerina. Porgina denied information about her husband.

“Something even I don’t know – the photo though to see. Of course, the event. But I don’t even know who Elena Dmitrieva. Stupid – now you can say anything you want. (turns to Nikolai Petrovich – ed.) Nick, do you know Elena Dmitrieva, you had an affair with her… Nicholas shows that someone has the brains went, twirling a finger at his temple. Well, I’ll buy the magazine to read. But this kind of nonsense,” said Polina.

According to Lyudmila Andreevna, her husband is characterized by great devotion to the family, so it would be unlikely to have a mistress. “It is very difficult to start a novel, start a new plot. For him there is only the theatre, cinema, performances, and house. Well, I’ll be in St. Petersburg, find out about her. You can even find her phone to talk to her, ask what her claims,” said Polina.

According to the materials of the collection of “Caravan of stories” and Nation News.