Lyudmila Polyakova confessed to attempting suicide

Людмила Полякова призналась в попытке самоубийства The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Lyudmila Petrovna openly admitted that he was not able to find the female happiness.
Людмила Полякова призналась в попытке самоубийства

Lyudmila Petrovna Polyakova few decades is considered one of the most popular Actresses of the national cinema. The actress embodies the image of a real Russian beauty, for her talent is loved by millions of Soviet and Russian viewers.

Despite a successful career, personal life Lyudmila Petrovna was tragic. As the actress confessed that she often parted with a beloved man. Now Polyakov considers herself a single woman.

Even while studying at drama school actress met fellow student Vasily Bochkarev. He, by that time, already achieved the first success in the profession. Budding artists decided to get married, married they lived for eight years, but they never had children.

Some time after the divorce Lyudmila met the spouse. The beloved actress was a pilot and was often on business trips, and she Polyakova was away on tour. This Union also was short-lived, but gave the artist the long-awaited son Ivan. Child for the actress was all, but soon Lyudmila Petrovna was waiting for a new blow: the heir is ill.

“And as soon as I gave birth to a fool, he was infected with staphylococci. It was very scary,” shared the actress
Людмила Полякова призналась в попытке самоубийства

Lyudmila Petrovna has told that doctors refused to treat the van. The boy could die or remain crippled for life. As recognized by the actress, her baby was rescued by a female doctor, which at the time was writing a thesis on Staphylococcus. The actress is still grateful to the doctor, according to her, it was a sign of fate that took her from the tragedy.

Polyakova literally disappeared in the son. Ivan and didn’t want the famous mother built a personal life. But the artist once again fell in love with the famous Director Andrei Smirnov. These relationships were tragically affected the fate of the artist.

“It was the only time in my life when I really wanted to commit suicide. Lovely we sat in the restaurant, something tasty to eat, but the time has come to say goodbye. Everything is already. I remember going for the opposite, I really wanted to not be to not feel pain. Then a very long period came the frost. You know it’s very important to me “messed with” his head. Most important to me, it was the work theater. I could only be attracted to talent. Physical, physiological, life didn’t interest me at all,” the actress confessed.

After Smirnova actress fell in love several times, but these novels did not bring her happiness. Although Lyudmila Petrovna frankly admits that until now experiencing tender feelings for all the men that were in her life.

“Andrey Smirnov… I love it so far, I love Tolya Vasilyev, I love Bob Bochkarev. These people did a lot for me,” – concluded Ludmila Petrovna.

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