Lyudmila Narusova spoke of a newborn grandson

Людмила Нарусова заговорила о новорожденном внуке Mother, TV presenter admitted that he was waiting for the second Scorpion in the family. To educate Xenia was very difficult, but her mother has learned from his experience and hopes not to repeat them whenever you have to babysit the child of the star couple.

      Людмила Нарусова заговорила о новорожденном внуке

      Lyudmila Narusova gave birth to their first and only heir, when she was thirty. And Ksenia Sobchak became a mother a few days after the jubilee, the leading 35 years old. In recognition Narusova, her daughter has been suffered by the child she waited so long.

      “Mom son”: as Ksenia Sobchak will bring the firstborn

      That moment, when her heir was born, the mother leading still remembers.

      “Xenia was born 5 November 1981, in 15 hours 40 minutes 3 kg weight 550 grams and growth of 53 centimetres. I gave birth and everything went well… what Xenia was like, hard to say, a small, it is generally difficult to understand. On this day in Leningrad, the first snow fell, Roofing and, when he saw her, said, “Well, the snow fell, so a blonde,” he told reporters Lyudmila Borisovna.

      According to the women, she wanted grandchildren, no less. Xenia told her mother about the pregnancy in her birthday party, held in early may. Now Narusova recognized, that knew about the upcoming addition to the family leading before. And when journalists called Lyudmila Borisovna in June of this year to confirm the rumors of a possible interesting position Sobchak, she did not comment on anything. Knowing the sensitive nature of our daughters, Narusova decided not to rush things and wait for the recognition of the Xenia.

      Людмила Нарусова заговорила о новорожденном внуке

      According to Lyudmila Borisovna, the future star of TV’s never asked her a brother or sister. In the childhood Xenia for a long time begged her parents to buy a pet. So Narusova sure that when the son of Sobchak and Vitorgan grow up, they will definitely get a dog. Husband leading the woman said, absolutely not against animals.

      Ksenia’s mother does not deny that he made mistakes in raising her daughter, which was very difficult. “She grew wilful and direct a child… she was asserting itself both at home and at school,” shared a woman. However, Narusova aware of its shortcomings and hopes to correct them Nanas with her grandson. In recognition of the political figure, she had long dreamed of a second child with the same character.

      Lyudmila Narusova believes that Xenia will be a self-sacrificing mother

      “I was looking forward to when our family will have another Skorpionchik. All were excited. I love grandson and try to learn from your experience”, – said Lyudmila Borisovna reporters.

      Narusova really glad happiness of his daughter. According to the woman, Ksenia became softer and can afford to relax in the family circle. However, this only applies to the home environment – at work, Bands such as strict as before, said Lyudmila Borisovna the publication of “Antenna-Telesem”.

      Людмила Нарусова заговорила о новорожденном внуке