Людмила Нарусова высказалась о скандальном прошлом Ксении Собчак A member of the Federation Council commented on the work of the daughter in the project “Dom-2” and “the Blonde in chocolate”. Leading and beginner policy Ksenia Sobchak still remember the part in the resonance of the TV show. Lyudmila Borisovna admitted that he was not enthusiastic about these programs.
Людмила Нарусова высказалась о скандальном прошлом Ксении Собчак

18 March, Russia held presidential elections, in which participated the journalist Ksenia Sobchak. According to the CEC, the star, nominated from the party “Civil initiative”, scored 1,68% of the votes. With this result she took the fourth place among all presidential candidates. Recently Lyudmila Narusova gave an interview in which he spoke about the political career of his daughter, the relation to its controversial past and much more.

According to a member of the Federation Council, Ksenia from childhood grew up steeped in politics. All in her family only talked about it.

“Why would she go to Moscow? Because Sobchak has not left any privatized factory or gas pipes, no oil. And we were alone, she knew that she had to earn money, because, well, it is normal for a young person,” – said Narusova.

Lyudmila Borisovna noted that the first daughter went to the capital to study. She transferred from St. Petersburg, then that could not to be there anymore after the death of his father and “of persecution, which he gave”. Narusova did not use acquaintances to organize a successor to work. She wanted the girl herself decided on their profession.

“She chose the path that gave hard-earned money. Show business, invited her there, she was cast. I only found out about it in hindsight, she was cast, she began to work. Certainly not her fault that in show business pay more than the miners,” – said the Senator.

Narusova asked how many times she was embarrassed for her daughter. “A couple of times, Yes,” replied the Senator. Lyudmila Borisovna asked me to tell you more about it. The politician said that she didn’t like the part of Xenia in a controversial TV programs, and expressed a more precise attitude which caused a lot of noise projects.

“Not that ashamed. I don’t quite like what she’s doing. This program “the Blonde in chocolate” and “Dom-2″. But I realized that I can’t provide the way provides this work. This job, this role, this function. You see, if she started her career with the role of Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, who rides for the groom in Shusha, I think her fate would have been different. And there would be this spinania. But this is the role that she played the role. Contract should this function not only on screen but also in life. She performed”, – said Narusova.

After 15 years, Xenia still claim because of her work. According to Narusova, it proves that the presenter copes with its responsibilities. Lyudmila Borisovna also expressed sincere surprise at the public reaction to past daughter. At such moments Narusova recalled the days of the Soviet Union. Then a friend of her family, Kirill Lavrov was banned from playing in the play about Lenin, because previously, the artist turned to the thief-recidivist in the film “Believe me, people”.

“So the role is a role. And, in my opinion, unfortunately, this role has become identified with the image, with the Xenia, although it was only a role,” shared Narusova, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.