Lyudmila Maksakova about the murder of the son-in-law: “Well, thank you, Lord”

Людмила Максакова об убийстве зятя: «Ну и слава тебе господи»

Today, March 23, in the center of Kiev was killed by the husband of Opera singer Maria Maksakova MP Denis Voronenkov. This incident was a real shock and a shock to Mary, who even fainted at the coroner of her husband.

Now comments about the incident, Maria does not. She is interrogated in connection with all events. And the mother of the singer Lyudmila Maksakova from comments refused and said that this outcome was quite expected and even acceptable: “Well, thank God. What else to do with it? Thank you, Lord, that in the end the man who had so meanly… He’s military, his treason would be shot”.

Note that the home of Denis and Mary were considered traitors because they left their native country and moved to live in Ukraine. What is the fate of Mary, who is currently pregnant with a fourth child is unknown.

By the way, the controversial journalist Bozhena Rynska also believe that the death of Denis Boronenkov was inevitable because Maksakova, which she considers “agonoize”. “Her friend called Masha Agonoize…. Here family dynamics. Just asking in arrangement. […]There are certain family dynamics. Hence, there are three widows. If a woman early widow very often she is a widow again and again. It happens”, — wrote in the comments on Facebook Rynska.