Lyudmila Lyadova: “Us kills vanity, not sex!

Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс! Secular Moscow to surprise impossible, but it is reported that the 92-year-old composer Lyudmila Lyadova appeared young lover, plunged the capital of Bons vivants and their adorable companions in shock.
Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс!

“Yes she can! – outraged moralists, from the husband a difference of almost 20 years, and there!” Skeptics in the romantic aspect of their story is not believed and once said: “the attorney Victor dvorovenko – savvy guy and just wants to press the flat Lyadova. The mansion in two steps from the Kremlin, there are millions thirty, so why not seduce a lady of more than Mature age!”

And when the girlfriend Lyudmila Alekseevny Galyna Gorbenko rushed to talk show with lamentations: “dvorovenko kidnapped Lyudmila Alexeevna! He will force her to sign a will!” – talk has reached a boiling point. And here I am at 38-km m Rublevsky highway, next to the famous village of Nikolina Gora, in the country of the brothers, dvorovenko.

Smiling Lyudmila immediately asks the operator to withdraw her appeal to her friend Gale: “Girl, no need to fuss. No sex is killing us, and vanity!”
Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс!

Then she tells you that she is now no life, and chocolate. I laugh: “the art Critic Vitaly Woolf in such cases, said “solid pine baths”. Separate large room, three times a week massage from an osteopath coming. Lyudmila Alexeevna spoiling strawberries, cherries, apricots. Even her favorite dessert “Pushkin” from the same restaurant Victor dvorovenko not forget.

“See how fast I’m pedaling the bike,” the childish boasts of Liadov. It turns out that the family dvorovenko it is connected by old acquaintance. Their grandfather helped her to build the first suburban home, where he now lives husband Alexander Kudryashov.

Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс!“One time he drank, but Victor sent him to the clinic for treatment. By the way, no one here he never gives up. Victor says: “we Have alcohol – free area. And anyway, he’s like a son to me. This gentle attitude, I have not remember. Recently broke her hip, the guys from the hospital just did not get out”.

The conversation takes Victor: “a year and a Half ago our mom died and we decided to take care of Lyudmila Alekseevna, because all our childhood spent at the cottage in Ruza, she was with us. Lived almost opposite each other, just across the river. She knew my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother. Grandfather put her 2 stoves. And always, when they came to us, she exclaimed: “What a mess!” and, wearing gloves, rushed to battle with nettles.” We sit and drink delicious tea with green leaves of currant and raspberry, then Victor and his younger brother (the eldest was at work) with us taking pictures. And when I get out of here, I was catching up with L. A.: “Wait! On the road with a short anecdote from me: “Jew janitor”.

Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс!
Людмила Лядова: «Нас убивает суета, а не секс!

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