Людмила Игнатенко впервые ответила на вопросы журналистов, после выхода в свет сериала “Чернобыль”

Людмила Игнатенко впервые ответила на вопросы журналистов, после выхода в свет сериала “Чернобыль”

Lyudmila Ignatenko is the widow of the firefighter who arrived first at the scene of the accident Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After he released the acclaimed series “Chernobyl” for the first time, she recently gave an interview and told how he changed her life. It turns out that due to the persistence of journalists she even had to leave your home.

The woman admitted that when she learned about what will make a film about her husband’s history, I was very saddened and offended. She believes that she had to at least talk about it, prepare mentally and to explain how everything will happen. Lyudmila admitted that his written permission for the shooting of her personal history she gave.

After reporters learned that begin shooting the series, where one of the main characters is Ludmila, immediately began the attack at her apartment. Came even before that, she opened the door, and the journalists were framing the foot to force the interview. But nothing she could not answer, because I had no idea that movie when it comes out, and what do the history. Ignatenko said that from the movie she did not have free time. Calls constantly tore her phone, in the streets pursued and did not give rest. So she decided to leave her hometown Kiev and to move from the apartment.

It turns out two years ago Lyudmila was called by a representative from HBO and was told that want to make a movie about the catastrophe, so they need her help. Of course such an offer, she did not give up. Because I had no idea about the intentions of the filmmakers. Previously she had a Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich, who wanted to write a book about the spouses Ignatenko. Lyudmila turned her down initially, since the death of her husband did not want any publicity, she always thought it was a personal tragedy. However, the parents of the deceased husband insisted on the full story, because I always considered her son a hero, that’s why she agreed.

The representative of the NWO again and again called the woman and clarified some of the details, but she even could not imagine that in that time were already shooting the show about her life. The participation of Ignatenko in the TV series ended. When the film was made and spun ads on the TV screen, the woman realized what was all these talks.

Of course, she decided to watch the series from beginning to end. She was painful and difficult memories and lies, which was presented to the audience. The film shows how the Basil is very much screaming at the end of his illness, but this is a great deception. According to Ludmila, he was an incredibly brave and patient man, not once in all the time he complained of excruciating pain.

A woman shared her story about how she said goodbye to her husband. Turns out the official farewell was not, she just went in the bus next to the coffin two hours in the ring. That’s all over.

In 1986, it came from the Ministry of internal Affairs, and said that representatives from various countries will offer to move for permanent residence to him, but agree she has no right. It happened, representatives came from Germany, America and Canada, pleaded and offered her the best treatment, but she was forced to give up.

After the disaster Ignatenko lost a child from a deceased spouse, the child took all the radiation itself. However, four years later, the woman decided to become a mother for the second time and it worked out.

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