Lyudmila Chursina told why there was one in old age

Людмила Чурсина поведала, почему осталась одна в старости
The famous actress Lyudmila Chursina in his younger years brought to mind many men with their beauty.

Людмила Чурсина поведала, почему осталась одна в старости

And the actress admits that she was very amorous, why and three times married. But in its 76 years the sun not around the man she loved, but this, according to the actress, her conscious choice. She all the time pays the family of his late sister.

“I have a nephew Alex, his wife Kate and two great-nieces Sasha seven years, and Nastya, she’s twelve. I love them very much and they are actually my granddaughters. When dad died, Alexei, and then mom, my sister, I took care of them. This is for me the meaning of life, it keeps me going, in addition to the roles and theatre. Get distracted and constantly consider to whom to cling, it’s not for me,” the woman reported.

According to the actress, and now she adoringly looks at the representatives of the stronger sex.

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