Lyudmila Chursina – Queen with ballet crease

Людмила Чурсина – королева с балетной складочкой My meeting with one of the few Actresses that can be called a film star. No wonder it wanted to see in Hollywood. For me, Lyudmila Chursina is primarily a class.

      Людмила Чурсина – королева с балетной складочкой

      Beautiful Actresses in our film and on the stage a lot, but entices the viewer as the image of a milkmaid (for her role in the film “crane”, she was awarded the Grand Prix of the festival in San Sebastian) and Queens (Chursina played Catherine I and Catherine the Great). And who from the Russian film star was offered a multiyear contract in Hollywood with a million fees?

      When I think of the recent anniversary of Lyudmila Alekseevny and try to congratulate her, she laughs: “you Know, Andrey, it is similar to the situation when Arakcheev missed the birthday of Alexander I. On the third day woke up and sent the Emperor a telegram: “Which day drink to your health.”

      – Your record of the most incredible heroine was even a girl of easy virtue from the film “Two tickets to the daytime session.”

      Oh, that’s an interesting story. The film’s Director had first offered me the lead role. I read the script and thought, “What is she boring!”, and when he came to the platform, began to beg him a different role – the girls from thieves raspberries. Herbert Rappaport was taken aback: “Lucy, you’re crazy! You – Russian birch, the positive woman and suddenly Inca-Estonian”. I insisted: “Well, let me try.” The result is a three-minute auditions I was selected. But for the fact that in the final I reforged appeared loving wife with a shopping bag of potatoes and yogurt, I even handed from the interior Ministry medal, whistle, forgetme and stick. It was a hot summer for the award, I came in quite dekolirovaniya thin silk dress. And when the Minister came, it could not medal pin, I felt sorry for him and said, “Let us, in the palm of your hand will take.”

      Людмила Чурсина – королева с балетной складочкой

      – The fact that you refused the offer of Hollywood legends.

      I had a lot of work here, a stream of interesting roles, great authors, Directors. I wasn’t concerned about the West, many traveled to festivals, worked as a member of the jury even in Argentina. And I always liked to be on their land, and when they began to receive letters from American producers, I was called by the Chairman of Goskino of the photograph in the newspaper: “she is certainly very nice, but you know…” I said, “understand, Philip T. suddenly asks you to undress”. And at the end of our meeting, he said the famous phrase: “Make allowances for our bureaucracy”.

      – One of your men was the son of the Secretary General diplomat Igor Andropov, and yet you said as, tired of fighting with alcoholism, the first wife of Vladimir Retina (the Director of the hit “Striped flight”), even wanted to commit suicide came to the bridge and the passers-by…

      – Andrew, well, you are told. What do I repeat? You know, for half a century there were so many interviews and meetings that I sometimes feel like I’m their own lives in the gum turned. Yes, there have been attempts, but, thank God, I’m here, I’m alive. The Lord kept.

      Людмила Чурсина – королева с балетной складочкой

      – You look great! What you do – refuse any products?

      – The lack of appetite I cannot blame, so it’s genetics. What I am absolutely sure: if you do not live envying, to the extent possible and forces at least a little to do good on this Earth, it is you and given.

      – Actors Theatre of the Russian army, where you work as one you admire “intelligent, calm, beautiful”, and they say that even the most sports can’t repeat your final bow to the audience when you head to touch the knees.

      – I heard, like, this crease is obtained only at ballet dancers and even the roof.