Lyudmila Belousova: cause of death

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

The famous Soviet figure skater performed in pair with Oleg Protopopov, together with him, she in 1979 not returned from a tour of the Leningrad ballet on ice, held in Switzerland. Since then, the biography of Lyudmila Belousova was connected with the country whose citizenship they have only given after sixteen years.

In September of last year it became known that the skater died in the eighty-second year of life. Details about the cause of the death of Lyudmila Belousova was not reported, and to learn about them was quite problematic – contact with her husband figure skater Oleg Protopopov was difficult because the mobile phone he had, and by email he did not answer.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

On the photo: Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov

Later it became known that two years before his death, Ludmila Yevgenyevna was diagnosed with cancer, from which she was treated in Switzerland, most likely, the disease she died.

The ice skating was connected the whole biography of Lyudmila Belousova, but began to ride it, however, by modern standards, later at the age of sixteen. First engaged in the children’s group when they go to high, rode with Kirill Gulyaev, and after he retired from the sport, played singles.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

Soon the skater met Oleg Protopopov, who became part of not only sports, but also his personal life Lyudmila Belousova. When they took the first steps in skiing together, Lyudmila was a student of the Institute of engineers of railway transport, and Protopopov had served on the Baltic fleet. To be together with Oleg, Ludmila was transferred to the Leningrad Institute, and they began to train and play together.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

On the photo: Lyudmila Belousova in his youth

Husband of Ludmila Belousova Oleg Protopopov began in 1957, and since then they never parted.

A year after the wedding, the couple reached the international level, and four years later they became the silver Champions at the world Cup.

It should be noted that most of their programs Belousova and Protopopov put on their own, that did not prevent them to occupy high places in competitions of different levels – on account of this unique pair of six gold medals in the USSR Championships, four European and world Championships, Olympic gold awards for performances in Innsbruck and Grenoble.

Triumph pair lasted until the early seventies, and when they began to push more young athletes, decided to retire from the sport and began performing at the Leningrad ballet.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

The member of the ballet group in 1979 they went on tour to Switzerland and asked for political asylum. The most well-known skaters have a lot of offense from royalties from performances they had taken almost the entire amount, leaving the title, Belousova and Protopopov only a small part, by any means given to understand that in the USSR they do not need one.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

Lyudmila Evgenyevna and Oleg Alexeevich is increasingly appearing thought about their uselessness at home, and they felt that their talent will be appreciated. The penalty for departure from the USSR for Belousova was depriving her of the title “Honored master of sports” in addition, the names Belousova and Protopopov was erased from the annals of figure skating.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

They received Swiss citizenship, continued to speak, to participate in the ice show and home came only after almost twenty years after his departure.

Since 2003, Belousova and Protopopov periodically visited Russia, came to the Olympic games in Sochi.

		Людмила Белоусова: причина смерти

On the photo: Belousova and Protopopov in Russia

All my life they lived together – due to the fact that the skater was afraid to lose the sports form not born children of Ludmila Belousova. The last time Belousova and Protopopov lived in Switzerland, where he was treated Lyudmila, and when she died, the husband of Lyudmila Belousova decided to keep the urn with her ashes at home. To diamond wedding skater took place just a few months.

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