Lyubov Uspenskaya was published in the “naked” dress

Любовь Успенская вышла в свет в «голом» платье
63-year-old singer chose a bold outfit for the ceremony, premi “the Chanson of year”.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lyubov Uspenskaya succumbed to the Hollywood fashion transparent dresses. 63-year-old singer has come in such a daring outfit at the award ceremony “Chanson year”. The actress appeared before the assembled audience and colleagues in this so-called “naked” dress, which emphasized the slender figure of the assumption.

One of the features of the fashionable clothing is that it is practically impossible to wear a beloved all-star spanx. The fact that there is a risk to get into an awkward situation and demonstrate it to others through the transparent fabric of the dress, and the way that often happened with the most famous Hollywood beauties.

It is worth noting that assumption really looks his age perfectly. Love has attracted to himself the attention of not only the press but also male colleagues, who looked admiringly after her.

Incidentally, the actress left the ceremony not only with a “suitcase” of compliments, but also with the award for the song “More love”, which was located in the top of the hit parade radio “Chanson” for 26 weeks.