Любовь Успенская удивила, раскрыв классыный бьюти-лайфхак
In recent years, the Lyubov Uspenskaya began to look even better than five years ago. The secret is in the hike to the beautician, the right choice of makeup artist and stylists for hair and clothes.

Любовь Успенская удивила, раскрыв классыный бьюти-лайфхак

64-year-old star often gets in Instagram questions about hair styling. Subscribers ask how to make such a volume.

Today Love decided to share the secret, published in the blog a photo:

“I am often asked to reveal the secret of my styling. Keep lifehack. My stylist @vadimandreevmakeup allowed to reveal the secret.”

writes assumption.

She was joking, in any case, this way of working. If the whole thing will be pre-treated with composition a little to give volume, then a little dryer and low volume can stay at least all night.

Have you tried to style your hair this way?

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