Любовь Успенская устроила дебош на борту самолета
Became known the reason why the singer was removed from the flight Moscow-Omsk.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov_official Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lyubov Uspenskaya scandal on the eve of the left side of the plane of flight Moscow-Omsk. Reportedly, the actress during landing, staged fights, where it was removed from the flight. The artist had a conflict with epiceram. What was the reason for the differences?

As reported, the scandal broke due to the failure of the assumption to put her dog in a kennel, as required by the rules of the airline. The actress not only refused to comply, but pushed the flight attendant who would not let her pass into the cabin. As a result, the captain of the aircraft took the decision to withdraw the assumption of flight.

“In the incident-had to intervene to law enforcement officials, who eventually removed her from the flight. Later it became known that the singer still managed to fly to Omsk, changing tickets at the airport”, — informs RIA. The representative of the singer has not yet commented on the incident.

Recall that in the past year Love is very grieved at the death of 14-year-old yorkshirskogo Terrier named Frankie. The singer became depressed and the family decided to give her new pet: Frankie-Junior. Dogs in the house artist living in special conditions: cooking personal chef, and they have a few rooms in a huge mansion of the assumption.