Любовь Успенская распрощалась с мечтой о роскошном ремонте The singer got lay employees. Lyubov Uspenskaya complained that in the process of building it was unable to find a decent masters. In the end, the singer still corrects the mistakes of speculators.

      Lyubov Uspenskaya is not the first to enjoy the beauty of Moscow from the Windows of his new country house near the village of Nikol’skaya Sloboda. Mansion star located just nine kilometers from the capital. It looks like a real Palace. However, inside, the singer is necessary to correct deficiencies left behind by careless builders.

      Love has virtually said goodbye to the dream of a luxurious life in the walls of your own home. After all, there constantly is problems that entail unexpected expenses. For example, pool house stars turned out to be completely substandard. It is not reinforced properly, with the result that he could not withstand the volume of water and to fail. Now construction crews are trying to help the owner of the room to correct the mistakes of others.

      “Mostly I get only scams! For example, tiles will lay, and she immediately falls off. I kept hoping that the next time I work with are lucky. Especially since they said each time: “We are the best builders, will do everything on the highest level!” And then it turned out that this is not so,” admits the star.

      The water area is not the only issue in the star’s house. Its construction was allowed a number of inaccuracies. So, the wiring made powerful enough cable, resulting in the dwelling of the singer fuse. In addition, there were problems with drainage of the Foundation. And when in one of the rooms from the assumption swelled floors, star and fell in spirit, but, fortunately, not for long. The love is still going to bring your house to perfection and live in it happily.

      “Now I realized that I need not hurry with the choice of the people you want to invite for repair. What I noticed is that the money professionals ask much less than Amateurs. In my house still have some problems, but, thank God, irrelevant. All flaws I plan to fix in the coming months,” hopes for the best in an interview with “Interlocutor” assumption.

      By the way, on a visit to her love often zahazhivaet her friend Glory. Singer live close to each other and communicate often. In one of the conversations with journalists Glory with great warmth spoke about the family nest of the assumption, where she likes to go.

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