Lyubov Uspenskaya revealed his secret in a million that troubled her more than 40 years

Любовь Успенская раскрыла свою тайну на миллион, которая тревожила ее более 40 лет

Lyubov Uspenskaya was another heroine of the program “million dollar Secret” on the channel NTV. In the Studio the Queen of Russian chanson was very Frank, what presenter Lera Kudryavtseva thanked the guest.

During the program, Love revealed many of its mysteries, which dealt largely her family, men she had relationships.

But viewers of the broadcast of this program will be remembered primarily because the assumption was the first who had the courage to reveal her secret in a million.

At the end of the show Kudryavtseva gave Uspenka the envelope, which was the same question. After reading his Love was very surprised to reporters, the program managed to dig so deeply. However, despite the horror, the mystery, which the singer hid for 40 years, she decided to rid myself of this burden and opened its main secret – in her youth, she committed the double murder.

It is the murder of the assumption called illegal abortion, which she had done at the age of 15.

The singer admitted that she dated a man twice her age. A simple friendly relationship with the teenager, the man was little and he gave Love a choice. Assumption made a choice in favor of the men and gave herself to him. The result is an intimate meeting formed the pregnancy that was unwanted for both parties. Male forced Luba to go for an abortion, and not legal, and the underground.

Because Luba was a minor, on the termination of pregnancy in the hospital could not be considered. Painful operation the assumption made in the apartment of a midwife without appropriate conditions and anesthesia. During the operation it became clear that Love was pregnant with twins. Stand for hours in terrible pain, the girl, instead of having to go home and lie down, went to work in a restaurant. There she became ill. Assumption called her doctor, who prescribed the singer the drug, but warned that she may never become a mother.

“God is punishing me for the abortion — continues the singer. Later, already married with her first husband, I wanted children. Got pregnant, but my boys, also twins, were born prematurely and died. Then all the years I suffered and thought I would never have children, because I made this mistake… And when I got pregnant with Tanya in the fourth marriage, I realized that the Lord forgave me and decided that I deserve to be a mother.”