Lyubov Uspenskaya opened the terrible secret of her life

Любовь Успенская раскрыла страшную тайну своей жизни
The singer earned a large sum of money on the story about the difficult test.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: freeze-frame of the show “the Secret in a million”

Lyubov Uspenskaya became the first member of the “Secret” one million, who decided to answer the final question of the presenter — Lera Kudryavtseva. At the end of the program she invited the singer to reveal his big secret and be the winner of the show is to win one million rubles. Kudryavtseva proposed assumption to tell about the murder, which the performer contributed to in his youth.

It turned out that it was the abortion that Love has made being a minor. The singer openly admitted that 16 years was having an affair with an adult man, which was soon pregnant. To tell her parents she was afraid, so decided to have an abortion “underground”. An acquaintance had found a doctor who agreed to deliver the Love from an unwanted pregnancy.

Consequences of illegal procedure turned into a real nightmare. The assumption has admitted that he was sure: after suffering a horror, she can no longer ever become a mother. It is very depressed. “God is punishing me for the abortion — said the singer. Later, already married with her first husband, I wanted children. Got pregnant, but my boys, also twins, were born prematurely and died. Then all the years I suffered and thought I would never have children, because I made this mistake… And when I got pregnant with Tanya in the fourth marriage, I realized that the Lord forgave me and decided that I deserve to be a mother.”