Lyubov Uspenskaya helped cancer patients a substantial amount of money

Любовь Успенская помогла онкобольным внушительной суммой
Famous singer Lyubov Uspenskaya donated to the charity Fund “give life” a considerable sum of money.

Любовь Успенская помогла онкобольным внушительной суммой

The actress confesses that he wants to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. Reporters contacted representatives of the Foundation and found out where these funds were spent.

“A couple of months ago the Lyubov Uspenskaya transferred to our organization 505 thousand rubles, – says the press-Secretary of the Fund Marina Obukhova. – She got in touch and offered to help. We were very pleased that the Love Zalmanovna not indifferent to the problem of people who suffer from cancer. We immediately sent in the Russian oncological scientific center named after Blokhin, because there is a shortage of medical equipment”.

Help charities spread among our stars, but most try not to tell.

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