Любовь Успенская пожертвовала онкоцентру полмиллиона The actress helped cancer patients. “StarHit” contacted the organization and found that the funds were expended. Hospital still Love Uspenskaya thanks for your attention and participation. The very favorite of millions does not want to advertise, preferring to do good deeds in silence.
Любовь Успенская пожертвовала онкоцентру полмиллиона

Queen of Russian chanson has transferred a large sum of money to the charity Fund “give life”. The confessions of the actress, it was important for her to be useful for those who needs help. “StarHit” talked with representatives of the organization and found that as regarded the action of a star, and that he sent funds.

“A couple of months ago the Lyubov Uspenskaya transferred to our organization 505 thousand rubles, – says the “StarHit” Marina Obukhov, a press-the Secretary of the Fund. – She got in touch and offered to help. We were very pleased that the Love Zalmanovna not indifferent to the problem of people who suffer from cancer. We immediately sent in the Russian oncological scientific center named after Blokhin, because there is a shortage of medical equipment”.
Любовь Успенская пожертвовала онкоцентру полмиллиона

Due to the assumption purchased sets for Central venous catheterization. Hospital still thanked the singer for sharing! The artist prefers not to brag about good deeds, and therefore reluctant to discuss this topic.

“This is my first experience with charitable organizations, says “StarHit” Lubov Uspenskaya. – Friends told me a lot about the “gift of life” and those whose lives they change, so I have confidence in the people working in this Fund.”

Among the Russian stars, many of those who regularly gives charity concerts and allocates large sums of money to help those who find themselves in difficult life situations. Often about the good deeds they do not apply, preferring to silently participate in the life of the needy.