Lyubov Uspenskaya grieved the loss of children

Любовь Успенская тяжело переживает потерю детей
The actress said about the tragedy in his life.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lubov Uspenskaya and her first husband, Victor Shumylovych still can’t cope with the grief that they experienced many years ago. Recently the artist has become the main character of the show “Tonight.” In the Studio of the singer remembered about the tragic event that took the life of two unborn children.

The assumption says that, when she was already on decent term of pregnancy, she had an accident. She fell out the door of the bus. The blow from falling fell on his stomach. She was taken to hospital, where doctors fought for life of the actress and her kids.

One of them, according to parents, had died almost immediately, but the second lived for a week. However, due to the severe injuries the doctors ‘ prognosis was unfavorable. Love was asked to abandon the baby, which she did. The shumylovych does not exclude that he could survive. “I’m not sure exactly what the baby died. Maybe we were deceived and our child goes somewhere!” — admitted Viktor. However, the assumption resides in the belief that the second child also did not survive.

Shortly after the tragedy, the singer divorced her husband. After that she had two marriages, while in 1989 she married Alexander Plaksin, by which she was able to experience the joy of motherhood. Together, the couple raised a daughter — Tatiana.