Lyubov Uspenskaya could not stand a long separation from his daughter

Любовь Успенская не выдержала долгой разлуки с дочкой
The singer has thrown all forces to be reunited with Tatiana.

Lyubov Uspenskaya with her daughter Tatiana


“My heart does not stand the separation from my own experience…”— said the Lyubov Uspenskaya. 63-year-old singer was extremely painful this time experienced separation from his beloved daughter. The last five months, Tatyana Plaksina lives and works in Russia. The assumption was reunited with her daughter, but she did not seek to return home. The day before, the singer had had enough: she put all the planned things and bought a plane ticket to Costa Rica, which is now her daughter.

“Finally meeting my daughter, 15 hours of flights, three transplant had not seen for 5 months. Waiting for her to turn and see me, I want to see the reaction — it’s a surprise for her. I wish all parents as soon as possible to hug my beloved children!”wrote Love on Twitter.

Interestingly, Tatiana has recently deleted his page in Instagram, where he talked about his life. Daughter the assumption was in search of his calling. At some point, she tried himself in the role of the artist trying to sell his paintings. Then she got a job as a yoga instructor, and then Love announced that recording Studio in Los Angeles offered her daughter a record album. What the outcome of this experience is not yet known. The assumption, by the way, is absolutely not worried that Tatiana is 28 years still have not decided on their future profession.