Любовь Успенская изумила шикарной фигурой на пляже 62-year-old singer chanson struck fans fit body. Lyubov Uspenskaya having a great time on the Sunny coast of the Mediterranean sea. Fans generously showered the actress with compliments and expressed sincere surprise how celebrities manage to keep yourself in good shape.

      Well known performer of a chanson Love Uspensky decided to go on vacation to Israel. Now a celebrity, basking in the sun and floats on the waves of the Mediterranean sea. The actress decided to share the most beautiful moments of relaxing on the beach with your followers on a microblog. She posted a photo in a bathing suit, which led fans into a real delight.

      “Nice to live not forbid in tel Aviv”, signed assumption the.

      Fans could not react to the photo of the 62-year-old actress. Fans appreciated slender figure of a celebrity and agreed that Love could give odds to many younger women.

      “You look divine, swimsuit super”, “Young and beautiful!” “You are beautiful! It’s not photoshop, it’s a good beauticians”, “I can understand… Plastic, Spa treatments. But that body! How? Perfect!”, “Every year more and more beautiful. Keep it up, Love,” never ceased to comment on the followers.

      The singer does not hide that it was making every effort to monitor their own appearance. To her there was always a possibility at any time to take home the master and with the maximum comfort get everything you need her services, she decided to build the house of your own mini beauty salon. In the same place, the singer arranges meetings with numerous girlfriends, who are happy to come to visit the artist and spend time in nice conversation and pleasant procedures.

      “There is a Barber chair, a couch for a manicure and pedicure, a massage table and Hammam. Professionals – estheticians, massage therapists and stylists – come to me several times a week. I love to make beauty meet up with my friends: singer Slava, Natasha Ionova, alikay Laughter and Irina Dubtsova. Girls come to my house and we relax a few hours!” – told “StarHit” assumption.

      Apparently, the efforts of the celebrities are not in vain. Others can not leave unnoticed the fact that Love looks very young for her age and admit that for some of her appearance is an example to follow.

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