Lyubov Uspenskaya admitted in criminal abortion

Любовь Успенская призналась в криминальном аборте Singer in his youth, got rid of two unborn children. Lyubov Uspenskaya believes that most of my life was paying for a terrible sin, which she made as a sixteen year old girl. The star was able to become a mother for the first time only 35 years old.

      Любовь Успенская призналась в криминальном аборте

      Famous singer Lubov Uspenskaya was a guest on the next edition of “the Secret to a million.” Performer of the chanson was the most outspoken with the host of Leroy Kudryavtseva and her audience. Lyubov Uspenskaya became the first celebrity for all time of existence of the project, who agreed to answer the most difficult and the most personal question and reveal the secret in a million.

      The singer decided to go public with the story almost half a century ago which never had never told anyone before. At sixteen Lyubov Uspenskaya had committed a terrible act, for which they paid many years later inability to become a mother. A breaking voice, the singer told its feminine story.

      Любовь Успенская призналась в криминальном аборте“At 16 I met a man. He was a musician, he was thirty years old. A grown man, of course, he wanted intimacy. And I was in love and knew that if you do not agree, you will lose it. And I began to sleep with him. Met in his apartment. I got pregnant. He told me that we should get rid of the baby. I knew that had an abortion to kill your unborn baby. It was already three months pregnant. Herself to go to the doctor I could not, because he was a minor. And parents to say anything was impossible. My family would not understand me and did not support. The doctor found it. Everything was at home. The abortion I had without anesthesia. I suffered indescribable pain, biting their fingers, but did not make a sound. An hour continued this torture. Then the doctor said I had twins” – said Lyubov Uspenskaya.

      During this confession, the singer tried to hold on. It was evident that recognition is given to her hard, but however, she has managed to survive this story that happened with her forty-six years ago. Lyubov Uspenskaya believes that the youth has paid a very high price.

      “God is punishing me for the abortion – continues the singer. Later, already married with her first husband, I wanted children. Got pregnant, but my boys, also twins, were born prematurely and died. Then all the years I suffered and thought I would never have children, because I made this mistake… And when I got pregnant with Tanya in the fourth marriage, I realized that the Lord forgave me and decided that I deserve to be a mother.”

      Lyubov Uspenskaya added that this recognition will be a real revelation and a shock to her husband and father to daughter Tonya Alexander Plaksin. But the star said that he regrets that he decided to openly talk about the tragedy that she experienced.

      A few years ago the Lyubov Uspenskaya and a man who sent her to an abortion was found. He came to her concert with his wife, was presented with a bouquet of flowers. “I looked at him with empty eyes. For me, it was so nothing… – said the assumption. – And then I was approached by his wife, complimented, said I sang beautifully”.

      At the end of the program Lubov Uspenskaya admitted that after this confession it became easier.

      “Today I as if freed from something tormenting me, – confessed celebrity. But I didn’t just agree to this answer. I wish nobody made such errors. So they won’t hurt for what they’ve done that.”