Lyubov Tolkalina went to a psychologist after breaking up with husband

Любовь Толкалина обратилась к психологу после разрыва с мужем The actress is trying to understand themselves. Star of theatre and cinema lectures daily visits to one specialist. According to Tolkalina, this woman had helped her in difficult times. At this time, the training taught the actress to determine what it is people.

      In mid-January it became known that Love Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky finally ended the relationship. The actress said that they parted as friends. In turn, the Director confirmed that this was a mutual decision.

      At the moment Tolkalina actively involved in the filming of the movie that take place in the suburbs. However, the woman manages to find the time to self-development. To understand exactly how to construct her perception of the world, and to feel the support, the actress is interested in psychology and attends trainings specialist Natalia Kolmanovskaya. The expert helps people to understand themselves.

      “I learned that I’m a psychopath, fostering a schizoid (definitions of clinical psychiatry). In fact, inspired by the man on the crest of a wave, in love with life, each properely the most blatant dream from abuse and neglect health, physical fitness and recreation. Periodically feed on the blood of the living instead of to schedule a day off and sleep. Occasionally fall in melancholy and apathy: what will that bondage – all the same. Are building a shameless castles in the air and plans-bananas” – with humor, sharing new knowledge Tolkalina.

      Fans of the actress supported her, but was advised not too fond of psychology. Love admitted that Kolmanovskaya already gave her the serious help some time ago.

      “Once, when I still watched TV, I saw a report about the accident at Fukushima, and I started to have panic attacks, which developed into a phobia. I was afraid to go outside, did not use tap water. And Natasha I was cured,” wrote the actress.

      In the previous lecture specialist Tolkalina learned the basics and the secrets of communicating with children. The actress growing daughter Maria, who is 16 years old. Love is not once mentioned in an interview that she has conflict with her daughter.

      According to the actress, the heiress is more like his father, Yegor Konchalovsky. Dad spoil a girl with gifts, allow her to watch horror movies, gives more freedom. However, Mary herself believes that both parents are too busy to give her enough time. Lyubov Tolkalina has the hatchet with her daughter