Любовь Толкалина заинтриговала обручальным кольцом The actress accidentally showed fans the decoration on the ring finger. In the video shared Tolkalina, accessory visible closeup. Fans assume that the star appeared the groom.

Actress of theatre and cinema Lyubov Tolkalina trying to please followers with photos from a tour or video taken during his travels. In the last post star, whose slender figure the envy of hundreds of women showed how she has Breakfast in the morning. Tolkalina caught on mobile phone camera the process of absorption of the cupcakes with the filling.

“Here is our today morning. Experiment: how many cupcakes fit in the face. Now I can feed only a week,” commented Love record, bursting into laughter.

The most attentive users saw on the ring finger of the star’s engagement ring. They were surprised by this decoration, because Tolkalina is not married at the moment. In the previous pictures in the microblog celebrities also flashed this accessory. The celebrity talks about his choice, preferring to leave it hidden to yourself.

A few times fans have already had to guess, he meets the actress. After breaking up with Yegor Konchalovsky star always attribute new novels. About a month ago, 39-year-old actress was spotted on holiday in Spain in the company of the leader of group “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov. Journalists issued a video in which the couple allegedly hugged. However, Love was quick to dispel the speculation, explaining that they are equipped with a rocker – just good friends.

In a recent TV interview, the actress admitted that she was unable to experience the joy of married life. According to her, no man went with her to the Registrar.

“I never proposed to be a wife, due to various circumstances… a Woman should very well realize and understand that she’s the wife. Because no matter how said that the stamp in the passport means nothing, the woman cannot decide on the place if she was not given a name… When you were given a name, then you know who you are, you have a certain vector. If a woman is not given such a vector, it will start to grow in different directions. As you can. As the grass (laughs). Therefore, it is difficult to say,” shared the celebrity.

Recall that Lyubov Tolkalina reported the gap with Yegor Konchalovsky in January of this year. The star told about what happened in the family page on the social network. “And very secret, and most importantly – finally only after separating from her husband I learned how to be friends with him…” – said Tolkalina.