Любовь Толкалина трогательно поздравила любимого с днем рождения
The actress launched the original flash mob in honor of Yegor Konchalovsky.

Lyubov Tolkalina and Egor Konchalovskiy

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday Yegor Konchalovsky turned 51 years old. In honor of
birthday Lyubov Tolkalina has launched an unusual flash mob: actress congratulated
beloved with a holiday in poetic form and asked friends to join

“Yesterday today was tomorrow…the time of Birth
Yegor! writes Tolkalina. — Let the heart warm and the sun, and apricots and
almonds in bloom! I kiss and hug and eighty times a hundred, but only stronger! And
despite all the love for art, I love him less than you!”

However, fans did not dare to compete with the Love in
poetry, however, gladly congratulated Yegor’s birthday in prose.

“I believe that the best gifts are made Egor is You!
You gave him yourself and daughter! Cooler he’s got nothing!” — wrote in a personal
the microblog Tolkalina its subscribers.

Egor really very kind to my daughter
Mary Mikhalkova. In an interview with the magazine “7 days” the Director admitted, as they
became friends with Mary when she grew up.

My daughter and I love together to do anything, — said Konchalovsky.
The night is forbidden products, play monopoly, watch a movie, walk in
restaurants. We have family in General, the proximity between parents and children usually
appears when the child grows up. In recent years we have become very close with
daughter. Because interested in each other.