Lyubov Tolkalina spoke about the influence of super-Lunia

Любовь Толкалина рассказала о влиянии на нее супер-луния
The actress revealed the secret of how to learn to make friends with the night luminary.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Instagram

Lyubov Tolkalina told how it is influenced by the moon:
the largest took place in this age of super-loonie. So close to the Orb of night was nearing the Ground one last time in 1948.

“We all know — says the actress — the tides that
female run cycle and a very strong influence on me specifically, managed,
moon. They say to balance the feminine energy, you need to wear a jewel of so
to touch the skin. The Greeks associated pearls with Aphrodite. According to legend, the pearl
formed drops of water that fell from her hair. I got into such cases is
a small collection of bracelets. Recently just joined her a couple

Fans of the stars who read about the influence of the moon on his favorite actress in her
microblogging, immediately not only began to ask about the magic bracelets, but
admired the beauty and freshness of love.

Many are wondering, what is the secret of freshness and beauty of the actress and her flawless
figure? But the fact that Tolkalina can’t live without movement. She is constantly
sports: yoga and Jogging, and also believes it is very important to sleep.

“Over time, I realized the main rule — go to bed before midnight —
said Love in an interview with the magazine “7 days”. — Someone claims that
you can sleep 3-4 hours a day, and then jump in the cucumber. And in my opinion, so don’t
happen. Sometimes I Wake up in the morning and realize energy minus 50 percent. In
this case, doing breathing exercises I learned in yoga class.
Fifteen minutes and a completely different person”.