Любовь Толкалина: «Только окончательно расставшись с мужем я научилась с ним дружить...»
The actress has officially confirmed parting with Yegor Konchalovsky.

Lyubov Tolkalina and Egor Konchalovsky and daughter Mary

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Lyubov Tolkalina was told that I broke up with Yegor Konchalovsky. The other day on his page in social networks, the actress has summed up the past year, where among other things she spoke frankly about her relationship with Konchalovsky.

“This year, I barely slept. He was my year. Horse. As you know, the only horse fly with inspiration. I was a rocket. And centres maintenance ground equipment – various dressing rooms.So my family and the girls saw the real me.I first dyed her hair blonde. Now I am suffering all.. I was more than a year almost every day from same operator, but different projects, you know how he hates my face. I hardly saw friends, and those who are able to embrace, still failed to heal. Many times I felt guilty. Again, I have not handed over session at the Institute. I don’t read books that I wanted. I cried and was hysterical from fatigue in Norilsk and Tashkent. And generally from exhaustion disgusting bitten a lot of people. With many ruined relationships… I’m ashamed and I’m truly sorry…” — wrote Love.

Then Tolkalina have listed all the most striking event is extremely busy for her the past year. The actress told of everything that happened in her life: angioedema a beloved friend, shooting in a large number of projects, relationships with family, travel, adventure… that her romantic relationship with Konchalovsky the Love mentioned in passing and only at the very end of his long story.

“Very secret and important — just finally after separating from her husband I learned how to be friends with him…” — admitted the actress.

Recall Tolkalina and Konchalovsky were together for over 20 years, they have a little daughter Maria, which has already turned 15 years. However, over the long history of relations between the pair never went to the Registrar’s office. “Yegor said many times about marriage. But, as the saying goes, to promise not to marry — said Love in an interview 7days.ru. And I understand why Egor was difficult to take such a step. I’ve read autobiographies Andrei Sergeyevich Konchalovsky about creativity and family. And then, when so many years have passed since then, and forgotten that we were going to get married. Perhaps if we with Egor still did it, and he’d introduce me officially, I would feel their status more deeply and realized the responsibility. And I understand that I am the mother Mary Mikhalkova, the involvement of which the family is difficult to deny…”