Lyubov Tolkalina is furious speculation about her new novel

Любовь Толкалина возмущена домыслами о ее новом романе The actress spoke on the topic of relations with Boris Grebenshikov. Lyubov Tolkalina has called the publication in the press, attempts to discredit reputable people and earn at the interference in their personal life.

      Lyubov Tolkalina expressed in his microblog about the publication, which appeared yesterday in one of the publications. The journalists said that after the announcement of the parting with the civil husband Egor Konchalovsky, the actress reportedly already established personal life. The publication was announced and the name of the alleged elect Lyubov Tolkalina. According to the publication, the 39-year-old actress is romantically involved with a cult musician, 63-year-old Boris Grebenshikov. The article was accompanied by pictures taken during a visit of love and Boris in the city of Murom, where the performer gave a concert.

      Love Tolkalina suspected affair with Boris Grebenshikov

      Lyubov Tolkalina is currently in Spain, where he visited the most famous museums of this country. However, the actress learned about the publication and spoke rather sharply about it in his microblog, calling an article about her personal life free interpretation of the facts.

      “Publishing shame, and naively trying to discredit respected people with their interpretations and earn my personal life,” wrote Lyubov Tolkalina.

      By the way, some time after the announcement of the breakup, the actress and her former common-law spouse Yegor Konchalovsky made a joint statement to fans, very concerned for the fate of one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian film industry. Each of them admitted that he is already in a new relationship. The former couple added that they are happy with their choices.

      “A new relationship, of course, took shape. And me and Egor, what could hide. But we have the right not to talk about it in detail” – shared Lyubov Tolkalina.

      However, in contrast to his former civil wife Yegor Konchalovsky long kept silence and something told fans about a new sweetheart. She and Lyubov Tolkalina, much younger Director. But does not belong to the acting profession. Girl by profession a lawyer, her name is Maria, she is the namesake of the daughter Konchalovsky and Tolkalina. Couple met during the court proceedings, according to Konchalovsky, Maria was representing him. Apparently, in the relationship of the Director and his new lady is serious, he even took the girl in her suburban mansion.