Любовь Толкалина сделала щедрый подарок родителям
40-year-old actress boasted purchase.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: @tolkalinaliuba Instagram

Lyubov Tolkalina bought his first car in life. However, driving the artist on it is not going to. Car for a million rubles was bought a star as a gift for parents. Love especially proud to have made a purchase on their own, without any help.

“Do I have to tell you how worried I was doing is important, even historic case!As a girl, I could not really articulate what I need from the car… the Main thing that was beautiful. Long thought about the color, didn’t understand anything about models, essentially could not intelligently ask a single question. He only knew that dad had long dreamed of the SUV,” said Love.

Generous Tolkalina widely discussed subscribers watching over the life of the actress on social media. As acknowledged Love, she was happy to realize the dream of her father. By the way, earlier the parents of the actress was another car but it was damaged in the accident, which happened about a month ago. After learning about the incident, in which fortunately no one was hurt, the singer was speechless. The cause of the accident was the poor quality of the road surface in the Ryazan region.