Lyubov Tolkalina has confirmed a new novel

Любовь Толкалина подтвердила новый роман
Actress realized a major mistake in raising my daughter.

With finally and irrevocably new!!!!!! @welkomtomari

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Lyubov Tolkalina gave a Frank interview to the glossy magazine, telling how is her life after breaking up with Yegor Konchalovsky. In fact, the gap occurred in the five years before the actress decided to announce it. On this step it pushed the pregnancy sweetheart Konchalovsky Maria Leonova. The ratio of Yegor and his love has not ended but has moved to another level. Tolkalina still believes Konchalovsky main support, because behind were passed along the way a long in 20 years. They are friends and talk a lot, especially on the basis of General education daughters of Mary.

My daughter Konchalovsky and Tolkalina now difficult age. Maria, the mother, rebels, and expresses the protest against everything that surrounds her. Parents try to control events in the life of my daughter, but let her feel the freedom of choice. Mary herself calls himself a “hothouse” child and recalls that as a child around her all the time, someone was busy. Looking back, Tolkalina recognizes the desire to protect a daughter from the real world a major mistake in education. “My biggest mistake was that since she was a child, I thought to myself that the warm light room with books, toys and a nanny is better than cold “production” or night moving with the show from city to city. And now I understand: the child should not show the beauty that is in the world, and the beauty that is in you. Without this child, many things will be questioned. Now I’m trying to catch up: we should travel, talk a lot, even working together,” said Love.

Lyubov Tolkalina for the first time commented on the relationship with Boris Grebenshikov

In my personal life Tolkalina now there is complete harmony. Love has already found a new chosen one, which is very happy. But the details of the novel does not want to disclose. “My heart unfree, but I don’t want to talk about it. Now I know for sure: if you have in your life something truly valuable, it must be you have in your heart pocket. Happiness love peace!” — told Tolkalina Hello.