Lyubov Tolkalina explained the failures in your personal life

Любовь Толкалина объяснила неудачи в личной жизни The famous actress believes that everyone should go your way, sometimes meandering. The only way to understand what you really need. According to celebrity, marriage and family creation is an important event in the life of every woman.
Любовь Толкалина объяснила неудачи в личной жизни

Recently, Lyubov Tolkalina was the guest of the program “With God’s help,” channel “Spas”. The actress spoke with Galina Teryaevo and told her about his attitude to religion. The meeting of the actress and presenter took place at the cultural space of the “Cathedral,” which the star purchased in the past year.

During the interview, talking about the attitude of Tolkalina to family values. Despite the fact that the actress has never been married officially, she believes that marriage is an important event in the life of every women.

“I never proposed to be a wife, due to various circumstances… a Woman should very well realize and understand that she’s the wife. Because no matter how said that the stamp in the passport means nothing, the woman cannot decide on the place if she was not given a name… When you were given a name, then you know who you are, you have a certain vector. If a woman is not given such a vector, it will start to grow in different directions. As you can. As the grass (laughs). Therefore, it is difficult to say,” said the actress.
Любовь Толкалина объяснила неудачи в личной жизни

At the end of the program Galina Teryaeva expressed bewilderment about why such an attractive and popular actress can not find happiness in marriage. “You know, I look at you now, and in my head one question. I can’t not ask. I can’t understand how this woman still did not become his wife,” said the host. Lyubov Tolkalina smiled widely in response and told me that everyone has their own way.

“I don’t know. This question is probably not to me but to God. Probably need something very much and want to go a long way. Then to appreciate what you have. After all, when you’re in the age of 16, in your life happen unconsciously things… If all that was not originally specified, then you must come to this with your mind. Around. Come with already accumulated knowledge and the desire to have a family… But then again I can’t say that I didn’t try. Just this bilateral desire. One can become one”– shared the actress.

Add that Lyubov Tolkalina has a daughter Mary who was born to her civil marriage with film Director Egor Konchalovsky. This year it became known that celebrity broke up seven years ago and happy in a new relationship. Love Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky happy in a new relationship